Big Data. Citizens under control


Every data, even the most intimate, generated by our daily life are recorded in the gigantic memory of Big Data. Secret programs, where Governments collaborate with the internet corporations, follow the life and opinions of any citizen. And great profits can be drawn from these profiles. It is the digital shadow.

Thirty years after "1984", George Orwell visionary fantasy is here, the surveillance society has all of us under control.


Director Alexandre Valenti - Pedro Barbadillo

Writer Alexandre Valenti - Michel Welterlin - François Bringer - Pedro Barbadillo

Developed by Alexandre Valenti

Editor Jorge Mota - Emmanuel Julliard - Jean-Charles Picard

Director of Photography Alexandre Valenti

Cameraman Carles Mestres

Financial Director Marta Mira

Executive Producers Pablo Usón - Daniel Hernández - MIchel Westerlin - Loïc Bouchet

Co-Producers Intuition Films - Les Bons Clients - ARTE - TVC - TVE

With the Participation of CNC - Junta de Andalucía - La Zanfoña

Date Broadcast TVC - 09/06/2015